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Hayfield Park



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renterathayfieldpark • Resident 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 07/09/2013
I've lived at this complex for over two years. My boyfriend and I don't want to move but are expecting our first child and are currently living in a one bedroom at this time. So, we are waiting on a two bedroom to become available to transfer into once one becomes available. We are staying here because the manager is very kind and helpful, the grounds are gorgeous and other residents are friendly as well. I have gone up to talk to my manager because I've been put on bed rest and just needed to get out of the house and walk around for a bit. She is wonderful, Michele is honestly the best landlord I have ever had. We transferred from a studio to a one bedroom over year ago, so we will be patient and await our next bump up. I would like a pool but with that comes noise and the area around our apartment is so quiet, we have never heard other apartments nearby or yelling. It is serene and just our kind of apartment complex...other apartments are not over our head or underfoot and we also have a laundry room which is a life saver right now with not being able to leave my place for long. And, lastly our rent is reasonable. This area is very high as far as cost goes because we have looked around at other places to compare. Rent is one of the biggest reasons we moved here, and I am so happy we did because we've made a home, gotten married and are raising a new family here. I would recommend these apartments to any one looking to live in a quiet and friendly place.
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Hayfield Park

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