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Quail Hollow Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/09/2010
I have been living here almost two years. It's not by choice either, I can't afford to move yet. When I first moved in, it was great. I never had any problems, maintenance would rush over to fix everything and everyone was great. Well I decided to move into a 2 bedroom, and sonce I did it's been nothing but TROUBLE. Within a couple weeks I noticed a black mold problem, i told them, they came and sprayed some bleach, well it keeps coming back. instead of fixing the problem they tell me to just put bleach on it. the mold is growing from inside the shower walls!! the wall needs to be removed then the mold taken care of from the inside! there is also a huge drug problem here. They told me when i first moved in that they have a no drug policy. that if a person is suspected of using they are evicted immediately. well that is totally not true. my neighbor has even told me that they know he sells and that he smokes marijuana and that they said its not a big deal. now how is that having a no drug policy exactly?? my carpets are also ruined. they have nails sticking out from them, and me and my kids have had bloody feet and knees (from my daughter crawling) and nothing is being done about that either. we need new carpeting in the apt because it was very used before i moved in, and they said i have to pay for it. so i said can you at least clean them. no i have to pay for that as well. so i'm definitely not happy about this situation here. i wouldnt suggest anyone to live here with all of these problems going on.
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Quail Hollow Apartments

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