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Dolphin Hills



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Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/30/2012
The apartments are nice but have some issues. First off we had a big problem with ear wicks, centipedes, and other water loving bugs, when I called the land lady to have them come spray and she told me it would be better if I did it. Second, our dishwasher started to leak, I called and they came and put a "new" dishwasher. Well "new" turned out to be a used dishwasher that smelled like an animal crawled in it and died, no matter how hard I cleaned it the smell would not go away, our dishes smelled like it so I had to start hand washing everything. Our neighbors were not very friendly and the neighbor right next to us slammed his door all day everyday. The rent is ridiculous for a one bedroom (that looks new but is not) in the Etown area, you can rent a 2 bedroom for a hundred dollars cheaper in the same area. The biggest issue is that there is a railroad track right behind your house (which she does not disclose to you when you ask about the apartments), you can not open your windows because of the noise and dust that the train kicks up, you can not stand outside and have conversation because of the noise, and good luck sleeping thru the night when the trains go by. I found out that I was pregnant a month after moving in and the land lady would not work with me on getting out of the lease like she said she would when I signed it, she said she could move me in to a 2 bedroom for 700 a month (I could rent/buy a house for that). Good luck getting a baby to sleep with a train going by and a neighbor slamming the door all day. One plus is that there is a large amount of parking, but don't have too many people over of the neighbors will think your a drug dealer or file complaints against you. The land lady does not care what your excuse is, apparently having too many people over is a violation of your lease.
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Dolphin Hills

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