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Brookside Park Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Well for starters the office staff is beyond unprofessional, they tell everyone, everyone elses business ( discuss tenants personal busniss with other tenants ect) they show up to work whenever they feel like it, they don't seriously address complaints, they don't return phone calls, just all and all need to be replaced. They say they have a weight restriction on pets but they don't enforce it. People in the complex allow their dogs and cats to run freely. There is also a larger dog that runs around the complex, yet property management says nothing can be done about it because the dog lives in the subdivision next to the complex. The people within the complex don't watch their children, allowing them to ride bikes in the parking lot and play catch next to the other tenants vehicles all without full supervision. The other tenants completely disreguard the fact that they aren't the only people living here, yelling in the parking lot at all hours, playing loud music, hanging in the parking lot drinking and throwing their empty bottles on the ground, if you think complaining to management will get you anywhere good luck. If you are brave enough to move here be prepared to hear every move the tenant above you makes and also deal with everything listed above. There's plenty more bs that goes on here just don't have all day to list everything. I've also noticed footprints on my patio, forehead marks on my patio door and someone has been tampering with my lock and door knob. I've seen people around my patio who don't belong, understandable that this is an apartment but I shouldnt open my blinds to discover someone standing damn near on my patio the shuffle away in a hurry when my blinds fly open. The only two positive things about living here is the assigned parking ( which states you can be towed for parking in another tenants spot BUT the office has to write them a notice and have it on file before you can legally tow them.) and the maintenance men. They are on top of fixing what needs to be done. Of course that's IF office staff puts in the work order for it to be done otherwise you just have to stop maintenance when you see them around the property. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED THIS PLACE IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY. It looks nice at first glance but once you've lived here you'll be pissed you wasted your time and money dealing with these people.
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Brookside Park Apartments

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