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Office Staff
Tempus_Solo • Resident 2002 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/14/2005
My wife and I lived at Charleston Pines for two and a half years. We moved out in December of 2004 so the timing of this review should be considered as things can always change.<br><br>Staff:<br>During our lease term we had 4 managers but that is typical in apartment living. Only the first one tried to help the residents, the rest were impolite at best and outright rude on more than one occasion. <br><br>Noise:<br>We had many problems with neighbors and noise that the office staff just didn't care to act on as well as vandalism of one of our cars. The Florence police were much better at making us feel secure than the management.<br><br>Construction:<br>Construction wise, while visually nice, there wasn't a square corner in the apartment. Mold was becoming an issue for many residents. We had nail heads poking through from walls in the first 6 months we were there because they weren't taped, just puttied. Several large wall/ceiling cracks developed in less than a year. Mind you that we were the first tenants in our unit! This apartment was brand new so these problems weren't something that happened over many years. <br><br>Maintenance:<br>Maintenance once came in to fix our furnace in June. It wasn't broken as far as we could tell and hadn't used since earlier in the spring (when it worked just fine). None the less, they removed a part and told us they were backed up on non-emergency issues and would take a while to get the part replaced. We didn't expect that we would have to wait until fall for them to fix it and even then only because we turned on the heat to find it didn't work and had to call in a work order. <br><br>Originally, furnace filters were provided by management however that changed our last year and we had to purchase/replace our own furnace filters. That would have been OK with me but the filters (they were an odd size) were not carried by the local home improvement chains and had to be special ordered in packs of 12. It should also be noted that good hygiene was not an attribute I would use to describe most of the maintenance staff that we encountered.<br><br>Parking:<br>Parking was usually abundant. Our first winter, the contract snow removal company was really poor but they were replaced with a more efficient crew before the next season.<br><br>Gym:<br>The workout rooms were not maintained very well and often times one or more peices of equipment would be out of order. On a humorous note, one of the treadmills had malfunctioned and eventually was repaired however not repaired completely in that it ran backwards. That was quite a surprise when I turned it on and it slowly went in reverse. <br><br>Traffic:<br>We lived on the east side of Hopeful Church and the traffic backing up from Cayton Road was quite bad at times in the morning and evening rush hours. In the fall, the traffic from the football games just southwest of the property could also be heavy. <br><br>Overall:<br>I would not recommend the property anymore. When we first moved in it was nice but quickly faded. <br><br>
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