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The Woods of Oakbrook



Resident · 2004 - 2010
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After 6 years I am pretty much done with the Woods. The management folks have, in my honest opinion, become oppressive in their constant search for ways to make life less than enjoyable here. Not sure why but it started about 2 years ago. As someone mentioned, tenants received a letter indicating that the Burlington fire dept (who are responsible for this area) had notified them of the new fire ordinance and indicated that grills could not be used on balconies and/or porches. The Woods decided to interpret that as somehow giving them the right to demand that everyone must get rid of their grills. This of course was absurd and had no legal basis as the law/ordinance does NOT say that - it says you may not USE/TINDER a grill - of course you can own one. As an example, it is illegal for me to shoot rabbits off my balcony but it is not illegal for me to own a gun. I informed them of this and informed the Burlington fire dept but never heard back from them though I still own my unusable grill. I was kind of hoping they'd fine me so I could take them to court on it as it is so incredibly stupid as to be mind-boggling. The next thing that began to push me over the edge was yet another condescending latter to tenants telling us that they would be replacing broken blinds and we should replace them on our own or they would do so and charge us for it. Where they ever got the idea that it is a tenant's responsibility to pay for apt maintenance is beyond me but they were serious. After 6 years, I'll be damned if I am going to pay for normal wear and tear and for blinds whose condition is unchanged since I took possession "as-is" in my initial lease (in exchange for no security deposit). I mean seriously - the tenant will pay for new blinds they don't want? I was tempted to buy some and paint them in an horrendous florescent pink and orange design since, after all, they were my property but chose to simply tell them I had no intention of either replacing the blinds or paying for their replacement. The last straw came recently when they sent someone around to put stickers on cars that did not have up to date registrations/plates. I have two cars, one of which belonged to my now ex-wife. I had checked a year ago with the DMV about whether or not I had to register the car if it was not going to be driven. They said "no" - it must be titled in KY and insured minimally but that's all "titled and unregistered" is a legite status. Well, not for the Woods. As usual, they point to their infamous "lease" as justification for such petty, unnecessary crap but rarely stop to ask themselves "why?" they continuously find something new to harass tenants about every 3-4 months. I suspect it is one or two -----retentive types who get some sort of quasi-power-trip out of such actions but it makes it oppressive after awhile. I mean every night I come home just waiting for the next "NO EXCEPTIONS!!!" notice stuck on/in/under the apartment door. I would add that in 6 years or so here I have never missed a rent payment and, due to the fact that I have 2 cats and have lived here through 4 rent increases that I am, I'm pretty sure, paying the highest rent in the entire complex. The place itself is OK but their overriding attitude towards tenants has really gone downhill IMHO. If they'd spend as much attention to improving the over-all complex as they do in trying to force every possible restriction on their tenants they'd be much better off I think.
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The Woods of Oakbrook

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