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The Woods of Oakbrook



Resident · 2009 - 2010
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Office Staff
My friend and I have lived in a Woods of Oakbrook apartment for one year and we have no complaints at all. This has been our first experience living on our own and it turned out much better than we had hoped. Both the administrative and maintenance staff have been very friendly and helpful. The grounds are clean and well-kept. When our garbage disposal broke, I put in a maintenance request and they responded the very next day and replaced a broken fluorescent light without being asked. A new disposal unit was installed a couple days later (because they needed to order a part) and it has not given us any problems since. They come in briefly to check the filters on the climate control units twice yearly. The admin staff organizes pizza nights every few months. Our neighbors are quiet and friendly. We never hear voices through the walls while inside our unit, but sometimes a bass beat can be heard faintly; regardless, we've never had a reason to tell anyone to quiet down. The only loud noises come from the parking lot area; once in a while, people shout to their friends or ride a motorcycle though, but this is generally a daytime occurrence. I've had a lot of fun talking to the neighbors outside walking their dogs and such. (As a side note, I'm not sure exactly what size restrictions apply to dogs here.) The living spaces are fairly well-constructed without any serious flaws, but there is some superficial damage beneath the windowsills in our unit. (The damage is not visible unless you get down on the floor and look up.) My only real issue with the windows is that they lack insulation and the white plastic blinds don't block the sun, so one of the bedrooms was getting very hot in the summer until we hung up our own shade. We are completely satisfied with the functionality of the rest of the features (toilet, shower, heating, AC, oven, dishwasher, disposal, lights, fan, front door lock and downstairs laundry room.) We were given instructions on how to spot a toilet leak that could lead to an inflated water bill and how to prevent the AC unit from freezing. We have never had a problem with household pests of any kind. Last year there was a city-wide bedbug problem, but the staff nipped the problem in the bud and we never found any sign of bedbugs in our unit. There was also one extended city-wide power outage last summer, and some of the other residents expressed extreme irritation and told me that this had been a common problem in the past with Duke Energy. However, it never happened again after that to my knowledge. The area is nicely wooded. There is a small playground with an open field within the apartment complex and a larger one a fifteen minute walk along the sidewalk by the road. A stream runs down in the woods beside the sidewalk. There is a small shopping center with a variety of restaurants and services within walking distance across the road and beside the main highway, KY-18. The Boone County Public Library is on the other side. The place has a bit of a middle-of-nowhere feel to it, but for some people this is a bonus rather than a drawback, and there is high speed internet available from at least two providers. I am very reluctant to leave the Woods of Oakbrook, and I might attempt to move back here sometime in the future.
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The Woods of Oakbrook

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