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The Woods of Oakbrook



Resident · 2011 - 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Hate living here, cant wait to move!!! The ants never stop coming no matter how many times the exterminator comes. The parking lot lighting has been out since November 2013, it's now April 2014, the current ever growing potholes are a nightmare. After we moved in it took nearly a year for management to have a dead tree removed, it leaned over the cars, and kept falling lower and lower, they simply clipped the branches that dropped low enough to touch the cars. Our upstairs neighbors are buddies with the office staff, even though police have been here 10-15 times for domestic disputes at all hours. The upstairs neighbors also have been throwing their cigarette buds off the balcony onto our patio for nearly the entire 2 years we have lived here, nothing had ever been done. They did have to get rid of their dog after 6 months of complaints, they never took him outside just let him go on the balcony and inside the outside storage to relieve himself, much of our stuff in the storage was ruined from being soaked in dog urine. The urine ate away at the support braces on the balcony and our storage unit door (3 replacements!), so we had nearly constant constriction in out back yard. They kept bags of dog poop nailed to the outside wall, we couldn't even open our back door due to the smell. We were told they would have 3 days to remove the dog, over a month later it was finally removed. They came down to apologize once over the dog situation, the husband ended up yelling at us blaming us for them being in trouble. We only renewed our lease last year (two months before their was set to expire) because we were assured they would not be allowed to renew, we kept hearing about their three strike rule. They received a letter saying they wouldn't be able to renew, and stopped my husband from leaving by not letting him back out, and screamed at him until he picked up his phone to call police, our 1 year old was in the back seat, and has to listen to their frequent screaming and fighting. Despite the reassurance we were getting, and letter, they were still allowed to renew!!! Anything that needs repaired usually takes 2-3 visits before it's actually fixed properly. The storage unit wall that attaches to the walk in closet must not have insulation, we have to run a electric heater in the master bedroom on max all winterb and still sleep with multiple blankets. The windows are very drafty, and have ice on them in winter. Our electric bill was $250 for a 2 bedroom apartment for 6 months, just to keep the house at 70 degrees in winter!!! The second bedroom window has been cracked since we moved in, nothing has been done despite notifying them several times. The pool is poorly kept as well. My husband and I have never had issues like this anywhere else we have lived. We only moved here so we could have a first floor (vrs 3rd floor no washer/dryer) apartment with a washer dryer in unit since we were expecting a baby. I regret ever signing on to live here, once you do your stuck! The pet deposit is actually a fee, not a refundable deposit, monthly pet rent is still required.
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The Woods of Oakbrook

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