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The Woods of Oakbrook



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
My review is in regards to the one bedroom apartment (650 sqft.). My fianc�© and I moved in here February of 2013. We live on the bottom floor so our apartment does tend to get cold over the winter. We kept the thermostat on 70 degrees at all times. We tried everything we could to keep it warm, putting blankets under windows, and doors. Our bedroom was always 10 degrees cooler than our living room! It never felt like heat was going in there. The bill for five months straight was at least $180! Ridiculous. We called the apartment manager, and she said that they need to install new windows and will be doing it the following spring or summer. (It still hasn't be done to say the least, so we're looking forward to high electric bills until our lease is up). Next, the parking is really good at our complex, we never run out of room. However, I have noticed the parking at other complexes our a little more congested, and sometimes hard to find a spot. Next, we never had a problem with our neighbors being loud, except maybe the doors slamming, or the dog upstairs may bark when being taken outside but other than that, everyone was very friendly and just minded their own business. A couple months ago, a couple moved in above us with two small dogs. They have made it absolutely miserable for us. They have parties every night. Sometimes they aren't home and lock their dogs in the bathroom so we hear them barking all through the night. Instead of taking their dogs out on a leash to go to the bathroom, they will let them out on their porch, to leave the dogs no choice but to relieve themselves on the porch, which in return seeps down on to our patio furniture! I know of three neighbors that have called and complained about the noise from them(which tells you something because the people that complained are on the OPPOSITE side of the building), and they have done nothing about it! Which in return my fianc�© and I have decided put our 60 day notice and can't wait to move out of here. And the manager, Stacee, is rude. We told her our situation with the people up above us and she replied, "I can't tell people how to live." Wow really? I'm pretty sure the lease I signed said something about the noise and about animals. Also, for almost 8 months they left huge potholes all around the pavement before finally filling them. I guess they have to have a certain amount of complaints before finally doing something about it! As far as the maintenance goes, the lady was very good at what she does. She came to fix a small section of tile in our tub, and ended up caulking around the tub and around the baseboards. It looked a lot nicer after she was done. When they are coming to fix something in your apartment they ask you if you would like a courtesy call a couple minutes before visiting the home and we say yes every time. One day my fianc�© was in the shower and the maintenance man entered the home with out a call or anything! He got out of the shower thinking someone was in the home (knowing I was at work) and opened the bathroom door with nothing but a towel on, needless to say he was very mad.
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The Woods of Oakbrook

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