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davidsaylor • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/29/2005
I have lived here for 15mo. now on the first floor. The place being right next to the interstate is annoying for a lot of people but I've gotten use to it. But the main thing that everyone here really cannot get along about is the parking. You're limited to one parking place in front of your building and guests have to park pretty far away. I'd say about 100-300 feet away from your apartment. You try to follow the rules and every night between 8-11 or so, all of the parking places are full and as you're walking to your apartment (after parking in the visitor area), you can't help but notice atleast 2-5 cars without a parking sticker in them. Oh and when it snows, it takes them atleast 4-7 days to get the parking lots cleared up so plan on getting out there atleast an hour or so ahead of time before you go to work to push your car out of here.<br><br>The apartments are too small (only my g/f and I live here). I do feel secure living here considering how many police officers live here but then, what if they aren't home? What are you going to do if you need help? Just yell?<br><br>We do have washer and dryer hookups which is a very good thing. It was a pain having to carry all of my laundry over to the laundry facility and to sit my clothes down so that I can type in the security code on the door. Oops, I don't know the new number because they change it so many times. So now I have to leave my clothes sitting on the ground and go back to my place and dig up one of those community news letters that they slip on your door-knocker to find out the new security code on the door. After I finally get in, half of the driers don't work. I figured that out after spending more and more time there and putting more and more money in them. The pool is suppose to be open 24/7 but it's only open til 10 o'clock. They have a water hose up next to the trash dumpster and they call that the car wash area (hope you have a good imagination). They don't have the trash dumpsters emptied near enough and charcoal grills are not allowed either. There is highspeed internet access; DSL and cable (go for the DSL, it's faster and about the same price).<br><br>If you do decide to move here, do not move to the first floor. I have to deal with everyone walking by the whole one side of my apartment talking and walking their dogs and kids screaming. The neighbors upstairs flick their cigarette ashes down on our patio and there is always massive dog hair all over our patio as well.<br><br>I do not have any pictures hanging anywhere in my apartment. After I tried hanging a picture and trying to hang a curtain over my dining room window, I realized that the walls either have too many layers of paint on them or something else is wrong with them, because a big chunk fell and hit the floor and it left a big hole on the wall. One day after I moved my bed out away from my bedroom wall to clean, I noticed a huge like scraping/hole in the wall where the bed frame and bumped the wall. Now, I'm afraid I might not get my deposit back. I also heard that they raised the rent here.
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Woodspring Apartments

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