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Seasons on Chelsea

2530 Chelsea Drive

Fort Mitchell, KY 41017



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ushouldno999999 • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/08/2005
This place sucks!!! When I first moves in my mailbox was broken, so the mailman was supposed to deliver the mail to the office. Well, I went up to the office everyday for 3 months asking for my mail and when my mailbox was going to be fixed. They always told me that i didn't have any and that it would be fixed today. Well, It didn't get fixed until I went to the office enraged because my electricity got turned off because I hadn't paid the deposit that they sent me a bill in the mail for 3 months earlier. When the mailbox finally was fixed, the door fell off then someone stole the door altogether. It took them another two months to fix that!!!<br><br>A few months later, my front door lock broke and the door would open while locked. I told the office this and they said they would get right on it. I waited two days, calling twice each day. I fianlly fixed it myself, then two months later a maintenance man shows up with a work order to fix it. He decided to replace the wood on the door and when he was finished, the damned thing wouldn't shut. I had to fix his botched repair job myself. <br><br>The security around here sucks, even though they just repaired the street lights, people are creeping around in the woods behind the building and the office refuses to replace the lights back there. My neighbor had her car broken into a few months ago, and another neighbor had her moped stolen. To top it all off, a cop lived right next door to her and his cruiser was parked right next to the thing. Yea, that was a joke, the cop was supposed to be living here for free as long as he was always on duty as "private security" and the crime rate actually escalated when he moved in!!! They even t_p'd his cruiser one night. Anyway, he got kicked out for not doing his job as "private security" cause he didn't stop anything from happening. <br><br>They tell you that they have two pools when you move in, but one never opensa nd the other is always green and scuzzy. The "workout room" has been closed for months with promises of repairs and new equipment, but you can look in and see that they haven't done anything with the place. People let their animals go all over the place and never clean up after them, so the whole place stinks. Th lake's ok for only being 4 feet deep and having radioactive goldfish in it. Basically, this place sucks!!! Don't ever move here, you'll regret it if you do.
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Seasons on Chelsea

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