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Devou Village Apartments



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erscott26 • Prospective Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/26/2015
I had recently applied with one of guardian managments rental properties for a 2 bedroom apt in devou village. Before submitting my application, I had went over with the leasing agent the criteria for applicants, because the agent told me that they charged $50 non-refundable application fee. My income is almosts 4 times the amount of the monthly rent, plus I have good rental history with the apt I stay in now for over 2 years, and have no criminal history or evictions on my record. Within 2 hours after I submitted my application I was called and told that my credit app was denied due to my credit history, and my fica score being to low. First of all I had just financed a new vehicle and was approved with a good interest rate, and even though I do have a few negative things on my credit report, my total debt isnt more than $1800, and it is currently being paid off. Before I submitted my application I let the leasing agent know of my credit, and asked her specifically if it was something that could affect the decision, because of the amount of money I was putting up for the application. She said that it most likely wouldn't matter, because I had good tenant history, income, and no criminal history. She told me that she really couldn't see me being denied. First of all, I know that the apartment I was looking at was still being showed to other people, because she had already told me she had shown it to people that day, but said once I submitted my application with the money that she wouldn't being showing it anymore. Well within 2 hours I was called to be told I was denied. First off, i think the whole situation just seemed sketchy to me. I have never applied for an apt and gotten denied , and most application fees are no where near that high. I think what they are doing are processing peoples applications and denying more people of minor things in order to keep getting there $50. Because you cannot tell me that it cost $50 to do what they did, which was just check a credit score. They never even checked my tenant history, because my current property manger had never recieved a tenant verification form . So they didn't even follow through with the application process completely anyway before making a decision. I just feel as though they should really be looked at in how they are handling there business to me is just seems fraudualent, and very unprofessional. When I had spoken with Gayle the manger, she said that she was in charge and there was nobody else I could speak to other than her to get a resolution. She was extrememly unprofessional to me over the phone, and wasn't even willing to listen to anything I had to say and hung up on me. I want people to know exactly what they are getting into before they waste $50 and submit an application. These people are out to get your money, and their apartments are crap anyway. Everything is old and outdated. Only reason I decided to apply here was because of the location, and it was decent enough for the price. I know they are liars, because I just got approved for an apartment 3 times as nice! Yeah I would not waste my time with them, and definitely check their reviews first.
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Devou Village Apartments

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