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Devou Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/14/2016
Consider the large amount of negative reviews before moving here!!! Worst place I have ever lived. Kept to myself, paid my rent on time, never caused any trouble. You would think, Gail, the property manager would appreciate having tenants like this. Instead, every time I had the misfortune of interacting with her she treated me like a ignorant child. You will never get your deposit back so you might as well leave your apartment dirty. My apartment walls had mold growing in through the paint...when I moved out she tried to say that I had smoked in the apartment or burned candles to cause that damage. 1. I don't smoke 2. The most significant areas of mold were in the bedroom where not a single candle was ever burned. You can take one looks at the walls and see the dark areas where each beam in dry wall is and mold is growing on it! I spent ten hours cleaning my apartment top to bottom because I had heard from previous tenants she will try to charge you for ridiculous fees. Big surprise, she still kept my deposit saying that I was responsible for the mold lines on the walls and that the stove eyes weren't cleaned out. $100 cleaning fee for stove eyes and inside of stove not being clean. I could go on and on about what a horrible experience this was. Don't get me started on the fact that I had multiple neighbors clearly involved in illegal activities. At one point, my neighbors apartment was busted by the DEA and everyone was hauled out in handcuffs. And I don't think the DEA wastes their time busting small time drug dealers selling weed. I did not feel safe coming in and out of my apartment, especially at night. As a young female, I was constantly harassed by drunk, creepy men coming in and out of different apartments. My car, as well as, four other cars in our lot, had all of our tires slashed for no apparent reason. The facilities are old and dirty. Apparently they just paint over mold and then re-rent the apartment to their next victim they will scheme out of as much money as possible. I hope that no one has the misfortune of living here or dealing with Gail flying around on her broomstick.
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Devou Village Apartments

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