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Ridgewood Apartments



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Alilmomma4 • Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/08/2018
Absolutely do not go to these apartments ! I'd choose a homeless shelter first! you will never live peacefully here, The problems with this place range from them searching tenant(s) personal belongings to letting people in your home to search your belongings , constantly have letters on doors for assorted home visits.. they descriminate, they think they are above laws & that no one will do anything about it (wrong!) , they keep your deposit ($540) when you have followed your lease contract 100% however they do not feel they have to follow it at all on their end. The only decent person at this place is the maintenance man, he's very over worked because this place is to cheap to hire help. the general manager tammy.. Complete failure at her job , she will bring this company down , totally unprofessional in every aspect , she has real personal problems that flow onto her job which are put on you. Manager In office doesn't want to do her required job as manager even on noise complaints. I've never in my life ever seen a place "ran" like this & my mother managed apartments for 22 years in some of the worse apartments in Atlanta, Ga... This place is a disaster waiting to happen to you. Them knowing my situation when I came and how they did me - my apartment was flooded with chemicals from their pressure washing contractors, me & my son have asthma & couldn't live in the unit due to this, they offered no help at all & they think they're keeping my deposit . I wasn't the only one flooded nor was I the only one they searched my belongings . they allowed the contractors in my apartment to go through my damaged jewelry and other items when I was not home & they didn't tell me this the contractor did, they took photos as well . I have photos of everything in this post to back every word. These people are highly deceptive & have no morals . . the laundry facility is suppose to be opened 24-7 but something is said when you use it in the latter hours. I was told bikes weren't allowed , yet I saw other children riding them & a notice was sent out that the kids needed to put their bikes up off the lawn. That was mean to my son with no reason! the playground is outdated & the slide has a big hole at the top. There are rules about kids being outside. The apartment stayed extremely moist to the point my belongings started growing a fungus .. Which never was repaired out of the numerous times I complained. I have spoken with other tenants & they also have had these issues (& flooded), they stated "we hate it here " which i totally understand. They are unusually strong on wanting to know what repairs need to be done , constantly in your apartment yet they do not do them. they don't know the difference in a sick person & an addict.. Even though they know you have several serious medical diagnosis. The apartment was suppose to be cleaned by the manager before my moving in & it was simply gross nothing was even wiped down I had dirt and other matter everywhere - base boards sink counters tubs floors cabinets, you name it . Old dirty blinds were placed in the apartment instead of new . there's just to much to list.. I got notices on my door claiming I would be evicted (lease violation) because something was set outside of my door & I hadn't even been there 4 days ... which I was going to move and did, but I had a house I was working on getting straight for my children (disabled single mother). notice other people have all sorts of stuff outside their doors especially the building to the right as you enter. the manager seems really nice but you know that saying looks can be deceiving & so can people ! No grills allowed yet manager has one used on her porch. Don't waste your time here. I was warned when I moved in about nosey gossiping people however the only people I saw like that is the management themselves... They don't want u speaking to tenants clearly to hide how they are , manager also tells people ur business . An ill man there is getting evicted to confronting them about searching his belongings. parking is an issue due to visitors
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Ridgewood Apartments

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