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Chapelwood Place



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Office Staff
Livi0321 • Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2014
I'll start by stating the management and maintenance guys have been nothing but sweet and helpful with the problems we've had. Despite that, we are still having problems with water coming up in our kitchen sink. It got to the point that we had water spilling in from the bathroom sink, coming up in the kitchen sink and out of the over flow in the laundry room. The plumbers were here on several occasions and thought they had it fixed. We have had roaches from day one and while it's not a "see one everywhere you turn" infestation, it's still gross. We have also had small black spots coming up under the new carpeting since we moved in. I still haven't isolated a reason for this. I will concede that this place is ancient and older buildings are bound to have some problems, but I'm getting pretty fed up with the water issue. To touch on other pertinent subjects briefly.. The noise level is tolerable, but at least once a week I'm worried someone is going to wake my kids blaring their car radio pulling in in the middle of the night. The grounds are ok I guess, I don't go anywhere but the office. I don't use the pool or the laundry room (I have been in the laundry room once, and it appeared clean and well kept.) There are officers and fire trucks here on a pretty regular basis, but I'm not that neighbor that stands outside to see why. Only once have I legitimately feared for my safety since I've lived here, and that problem was resolved quickly. In summary, the people are great, the place is old and needs some major renovation.
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Chapelwood Place

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