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Hampton Farms

301 Martha Layne Collins Boulevard

Highland Heights, KY 41076



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/30/2015
Many of the complexes are infested with carpet beetles (a type of bug that does not bite humans, however does in fact eat cloth). The water has dirt in it, especially this year when they shut it off and had horrible dirt in it twice. We've had our apartment flood twice, once due to the pipes breaking upstairs, flooding the entire apartment, and the other because of the washer hookups being in poor condition. If you take a tour of this horrible place be sure to look at the cardboard like material they use for the pantries and walls, which is usually eaten away from use. These buildings are 25 years old, and although the apartments are very close to NKU campus I would highly recommend if you want a close apartment that's cheap look elsewhere. This apartment complex is much more expensive than the other's in the area and is definitely not worth it. Every week it's been a new problem, and every time our apartment has flooded they took weeks to clean our carpets. They never fixed the shower that they gave us, which had a drain completely clogged when we moved in and we had to take five zip lines to and five bottles of drain fluid and still isn't working. On top of that the dirt in the water makes everything unlivable. Let alone the fact that the apartment complex itself is completely run down. All the windows and fixtures are years old, and look their age. The kitchen appliances regularly break down, we had no fridge for a week. This complex is 25 years old. And unless you get an extreme deal it's not worth it. It has the same problems as all the other apartments in the area on top of it's old age and poor management.
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Hampton Farms

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