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301 Martha Layne Collins Boulevard, Highland Heights, KY 41076
301 Martha Layne Collins Boulevard, Highland Heights, KY 41076

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Hampton Farms

301 Martha Layne Collins Boulevard

Highland Heights, KY 41076



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Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended

Reviewed 03/07/2011

I have lived at Hampton Farms for 8 months now, and I hate it and can not wait to move out. Here are my reasons: 1. Improper maintenance- we asked for them to fix the nobs in the bathtub because they were coming lose, they came and 'fixed' them, but two weeks later they were lose again. I asked for them to clean out the dryer vent to the outside and when I called they told me they would schedule it for the next morning and I would need to move the dryer because they are not allowed to move it. I returned later that day to see a work order paper saying the dryer vent had been cleaned from inside and out which had obviously not happened because I had not moved the dryer. A week later when my dryer was still not drying I took the vent apart and found a giant piece of lent jamming the vent. All the windows in my apartment leak. The lock on the front door is lose and prevents the door from closing properly. When I did used the laundry facility provided every time I went one of the machines was either broken or broke while i was using it, it ate my money, and didn't dry my close. 2. Sighted for violations that did not occur- more than once I have received noise complaints about times that me or my roommate were not even home. The management called to say people were complaining about a surround sound system that we don't even own. I was sighted for having certain furniture on my porch after 7 months of it being there, and there is nothing wrong with it being out there and it violates no rules. 3. Very unfriendly neighbors- one has a dog that barks for 3 hours at a time and doesn't do anything about it even though several people have called to complain about it. another starts playing music or practicing guitar at midnight every night. another doesn't clean up after their dog,so you can't walk through the grass to the pool without stepping in dog poo. I have been given nasty looks and unfriendly gestures simply because I'm a college student. I don't have parties, I don't play load music, and I'm hardly ever there with work and school, but some how I am a problem to them. 4. the management- when you sign up for the apartment they are very friendly and willing to answer all your questions, but as soon as you are moved in its clear that all they want is your money. What makes it even worse is the fake smiles and waves from the facility staff as you drive by. SO don't live here... ever. It's not worth your time or money.
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Hampton Farms

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