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Highland Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/14/2005
Aside from the reviews that look like they were written by the HR employees themselves, the reviews posted above seem to represent HR well. Not that I think its a bad place to live, but, just like any apartment complex, it has its drawbacks and its benefits. The greatest thing about HR is the location: 2 minutes from NKU, and easy access to 471 and 275. I personally have had no problems with maintenance requests; in fact, they have been quite helpful...Unforetunatley, the new management isn't very professional. The do not keep the hours posted on the sign, and for people who work an actual full day of work (i.e. 8-6), even the posted hours are not accomdating. Moreover, their rent/late payment process is unconsionable. If you are more than 5 days late, they will post an eviction notice on your door. No warning, no questions asked. And to make matters worse, you are not really being evicted. I guess they just think the benefits of using scare tactics, although unprofessional and disgraceful, outweigh the costs of providing a nuetral written notice. Another plus is the tanning bed, pool and weight room/gym. I mean, the plus is, its better than living in an apartment without one. But the pool is small, and the steps are dangerous (i.e. hard to see underwater--I don't know how many people i have seen hurt themselves in teh pool on the stairs!), and the weight room/gym is outdated. Of course, its almost always locked, too. And the code to get in doesn't work...so actually, its kind of like living in a complex wihtout a tanning bed and weight room/gym. I think the worst thing about the complex is the new management and their crazy schemes...Happy Hour on Thursdays is pretty trashy/------ and the satellite contract is really restrictive for people who wish to make their own decisions. But, on a good note, i live on teh top floor and don't have too much trouble with noise. We do have trouble with bees and wasps, which seem to have nested in our roof. After complaining several times, we heard this issue was being addressed. Unfortunatley, for the wasps are horrible every summer and I think they just keep forgetting about the roof. Did i mention that there is a water leak in two spots in our ceiling? Okay, the bottom line is: the apartment is okay, better than a slum, but not the best place for a professional or someone who wants to be treated with respect. If you are college students splitting the rent between multiple people, its worth it. If you are living alone, I recommend you consider a further commute and live somewhere else.
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Highland Ridge Apartments

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