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Highland Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 11/07/2005
I have lived in this complex for 4 years. Regarding the management-they are 10 times better than the previous owners, Connor & Murphy, who would give no grace period for late rent, posted an eviction notice on the 2nd day of the month and MEANT IT! The current management has always been curtious to me and prompt to respond to my calls (I do not make many.)<br><br>Maintenance-I am not a good judge of this since I have had only two maintenance calls in 4 years, but my experience is that they are very responsive.<br><br>The Apartments-I live on the bottom floor. My neighbors are EXTREMELY NOISY NKU undergraduate students. The noise is constant and often unbearable. I have had to make numerous calls regarding these people. The next call, so I have been informed, gets them thrown out. From having these people as neighbors I have learned that many of the NKU students are inconsiderate of other tenants, keep unconventional hours when professionals (like myself) are trying to sleep and have frequent inconsiderate overnight guests.<br><br>I like HR in general. The apartment is not very soundproof and certainly not luxury, but is decent. The location is ideal for working downtown. The undergrad tenants however definitely detract from the appeal of renting. If I were to not renew my lease next year, the students would be the reason.
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Highland Ridge Apartments

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