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Fairway Park Apartments



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Office Staff
problems2010 • Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/07/2010
everything people are saying about this place is so true the other people that are making statments like this is a nice place are most likely friends with lisa the one and only ----- i was treated very wrong along with my daughter who was called a brat by the manager she needs to be in aa for real sahe comes in to work in the office with hang overs and dont want to deal with anyone regardless the situation my daughter has ptsd and she was treated bad i couldnt believe this and the security guard the renta cop lisa husband got busted looking thru my car with his flash light when asked what he was doing he said looking for the parking sticker in the back of my car i mean really come on he walked away from my car when i busted him then came back to it and half of the people living in fairway work for fairway for free rent so how come nobody is ever available to fix anything the hallways do smell bad and on two of our closets they had mixed matched door knobs for real for thin walls mixed door knobs rude manager and nasty hall ways and cops constanly around scaring my daughter with ptsd cause managment is cop happy police even said that then make ur self happy with 639 a mo and no place to park people suck at fairway and if you have a problem with anything and have a child the manager lisa will tell everyone ur business she gets drunk and talks about everyone bad it felt like jail to me and lisa and her husband was the warden and guards terrible place to live really i wouldnt send my worst enemy to fairway
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Fairway Park Apartments

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