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Fairway Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2009
Fairway is by far the worst place we have ever lived. We moved there almost two years ago. We were always early with our rent, we participated in community activities, and we got our deposit back, so those people saying that only bad tenents complain on here is not true. There was green stuff oozing out of the bathroom walls. My kids were always coughing. The nasty green carpet in the halls always smelled like cat pee. A few weeks before we moved there was blood wiped up the walls in the stair well and was never cleaned up. The floors and walls are paper thin. You shouldn't be able to hear the people under you playing catch with their dog. If the apartment wasn't bad enough some of the people living there are worse. I wouldn't let my children play at the park for fear of another child bringing a gun there. There is one family that thinks they run the place. I'm sorry that you have lived in that trash so long but your kids don't need to be telling adults what to do. The maintenance man really has ni clue how to fix anything. It must be nice to get a job knowing nothing about maintenance just because your father in law is the main maintence guy. ---- was so nice at first but then you hear she is talking about you behind your back. I'm so glad we've moved. Good ridance
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Fairway Park Apartments

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