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Cove Lake Village Apartments



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morganthedog • Resident 2008 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/15/2009
I've lived here for about a year now. I personally think the neighborhood is a little shady. I moved from the neighborhood right by Shilito Park and the mall to here so maybe I'm just spoiled. Although it is ridiculously close to shopping and food. We live in a one bedroom on the second floor so I can't report anything on what the other reviewers are saying about hearing the tenants above you walking around. I don't deal with the staff much at all. When we pay rent we just drop it into the little drop box in the door. The cleaning lady who comes around and cleans the common area inside the buildings is nice. The maintenance guys are nice, but really really sucky. What the other reviewer said about cops living in the complex is true also. There are (from what I can tell walking around) 2 cop cars constantly present. Which is good, I guess. They do allow pets, which is a plus for me. But they do charge $20 a month. Also what the other reviewers say about them constantly taking care of the outside and neglecting the inside is true also. Although they don't even do that fabulous of a job on the outside. Sometimes the grass starts to get really long before it ever gets cut. But the pool always looks really clean. As far as the inside goes: that was the deal breaker for me. These apartments are old old old old old. And it seems like there have been very few upgrades and changes since then. Everything leaks here. Our shower is horrible and leaks down the apartment below. They have all ready come to "fix" it once. (It still leaks). In fact the shower is my biggest complaint. Because it leaks there is mold that constantly grows in it. Also when I try to clean it the tiles actually move when I scrub them because the wood behind it rotted out. Maintenance just keeps on trying to do patches on the shower to "fix" it when really the entire thing desperately needs to be ripped out and replaced. It's nasty and annoying. All of the appliances are extremely out dated and our refrigerator has a leak on the inside as well. The dishwasher is disgusting and super old so I never even use it. The cabinets are old and warped. There are cracks in the wall. The windows have drafts that can easily be felt during the winter months. It seems like everything on the interior is shoddy construction. Did they not have a level when they built this place? To be fair to Cove Lake though my boyfriend did have this apartment before I moved in so I won't blame them for the dingy walls and carpets. That may be because he never cleaned. Overall I would say you could find somewhere nicer to live in Lexington for the money. But at the same time if I had walked this apartment as a perspective renter I would have walked away without signing a lease. They are too disgusting.
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Cove Lake Village Apartments

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