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Park Thirty 99



Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Office Staff
This is my third apartment in lexington and by far the best, but there are still some problems. PROS: - Reasonable utilities. I've noticed other reviewers saying they spend as much as $300 on electric. I don't know what they're doing but in the coldest winter month it was $150, it averages $70-110 generally. Last March it was $30! - I like the layout of the apartment, it feels cozy. - Friendly staff, haven't had an issue yet - Maintenance fixes things - Awesome new appliances - New fitness room - They will hold packages for you in the office - Washer/Dryer - Not sure if they still do this but pet deposit is $300 and you can pay it off over the first 3 months instead of all at once which is nice. - Feels fairly safe although my bf and I both had our cars broken into once - They have pest control but I always tell them not to spray my apartment and I've seen very few bugs even without the exterminator. CONS: - Parking spaces are WAAAY too small. They are wide enough to park in but not to open your door. I have been blocked in many times by other residents and had to crawl in on the passenger side. I have a 2-door car so my doors are long and it can be really frustrating. Cars get dinged from doors slamming into it - My bf and I have had our cars broken into - People leave bags of trash outside their doors in the breezeway and it looks and smells horrible - People sound like elephants going up and down the stairs - Can hear people talking in the parking lot (well everywhere really), and I'm on the top floor - Floor creaks in spots - As I've mentioned, it can be noisy in a lot of ways. Cars, people, etc - Like most apartments, rent goes up each time you renew your lease which is frustrating.
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Park Thirty 99

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