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Pegasus Place



Resident · 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Cockroaches every day. I went to the office to tell the manager, she asked me if I had them before, almost accusingly. I have owned homes in the past and never had issue with cockroaches. I find myself on hard times and having to live here, but it is disgusting. I realized that from reading the previous reviews, the manager knew it was a problem already. I have been in that office almost every week telling them I still see cockroaches in my apartment. Pest control came in, inspected, and claimed that the roach problem was with the last tenant. Then a new pest control guy came in and claimed he just bought this pest control company (lie) and is new so he doesn't know what's going on yet. (He's a good story-teller. Very grandiose ego) I have to continue complaining about roaches. The pest control guy at this point wants me to shut up aobut it, telling me that one or two is okay, the roaches are not coming from the neighbors, even though they come from that side of the wall's baseboards, and that they can come inside through the grocery bags I bring home. Ultimately he claims that he doesn't see any roaches. Although, the traps he set out has some in them. Not only does he say he doesn't see evidence of roaches, except the ones in the trap, he accuses me of throwing away the traps. Yet, he picks up one of the traps that was set there back in October and this is now the end of December. Pest control guy gets angry because I called him out on his lying, so he goes around slamming the doors in the bathroom and throws a cup into my sink. This is my property he's throwing around. When he leaves, he slams my door and heads over to management and lies to them, claiming that I refused treatment. So, at this point, because I complained about the pest problem, I'm getting harassed and accused of sabotaging myself. Now I have to call his manager and hope he acts better next time because abusing the tenant's property apparently is no big deal to my management. I have told management about my refigerator not shutting all the way b/c of the magnetic strip worn down. My energy bill has risen $20 in one month, although we have not used the heater at all this winter, but no one knows why or cares to find out why it's more than when I used the A/C in the summer time. I have also asked that they fix my stove top a few months ago because it was shooting sparks out, yet it wasn't done, but I thought it was and it scorched and ruined one of my skillets. Now, the toilet is getting worse. It was flushing normal when we first moved in, then it gradually started getting worse by running, so we would just jiggle the handle. Now it creates a lot of running water, so you have to jiggle it once to get that to stop and then a second time to get the other runninng water sound to stop. It also has a weakened flush now. It's like they jimmy-rigged it to work for a little while, like a bad car lot will do to their junkers. Our carpet in the bedroom is now wet, and I'm not sure how, unless water is coming in from outside. My concern is that they're not really going to fix it, and I'll have this issue to deal with, if not mold in the future. Since they have largely ignored most of the issues I have told them about before, I doubt this will be taken care of properly. I notice that on some previous ratings, management has replied that they would have taken care of the situation had they have known, well I can assure anyone who reads this, that they know, and not much has been done. I'm not sure if they forgot to do it, or simply refuse to. It's okay for them to take your rent money and demand it be paid on the first of the month or be penalized, however do not expect them to upkeep the property for your well-being or safety. I can easily say that this is the most disgusting apartment complex I have ever had to live in. I would compare it to the slums, although I've never had to live in slums, we've all read about them. Well, this place is as close to textbook as it gets for slum material ratings. Here are some other issues: The lights are not working on our side of the parking lot so it's very dark here and creates an unsafe environment. I have lived here for about seven months now, and since then, the front porch light has been out and never replaced. The laundry room is disgusting, the machines are very dirty and kids are not supervised, running all over the laundry room. They like to turn the water spicket on in the wash tub and leave it running so it gets all over the floor along with the mud. Since the kids aren't being watched, they like to open the doors to the dryers while operating and don't close them to restart, so I once had to put coins in three different times for one dryer load, put up a note and then someone took it down.
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Pegasus Place

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