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Pegasus Place



Resident · 2014 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
If you are looking for a place to rent I DO NOT, REPEAT, DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!! There are a number of things that are wrong here. I have loved here since October 2014. Since then, I have put in work orders that are on back log because there are so many things wrong with this place. My sink had to be fixed in the kitchen 3 times, the foreign kids are running crazy through the commons areas and breaking the front doors to the building entrances, and peeing on the bushes out front. Not to mention the BIGGEST problem of all..... COCKROACHES! They claim to have monthly pest control yet I have only seen them maybe a total of 3 times ever come into my apartment. I am beyond clean. White glove if you must call it that. Mopping, no dishes, vacuuming daily, food all put away. Yet they seem to be getting bigger and bigger and more frequent. I have complained to the main office in this regard, but to no avail, they brush it off and don't treat the apartments like they are supposed to in the lease agreement. Drugs, pot smoke in the vents (while some find that funny, having a child with severe asthma and allergies, it's not funny at all when we can't even go into our bathroom due to getting a contact high per se). It's not healthy for a child and much less people who like to live a clean lifestyle. Having your child question why he has to wait to use the bathroom because the neighbor upstairs is toking away and smoking bad stuff and that he has a major allergy to it. Nothing is taken seriously no matter how many times the management has changed. 3 times since I have lived here and nothing has gotten any better. Only one of the maintenance staff actually does her job and she works harder then any of the men waking the grounds. I have tried to exit my lease without a buyout agreement but that is not possible as the management will not allow it. Oh, other problems include trash by the dumpsters daily is unsightly to add to the bug problem as well. The grounds are disgusting and people do not care about where they live or they wouldn't look that way. I highly recommend not falling for their move in specials either. Paint is caked in layers in the kitchen and bathrooms and comes off on the dishes as well. Windows leak around the bases and when I moved in I was given a BS story of how Pegasus Place just underwent a multi million dollar renovation. There has been absolutely nothing renovated unless you call 10 layers of paint a renno. Don't fall for it. Save yourself money and time and move on to other places. I will be reporting them to the BBB immediately following this review. Noting one final thing, the pet policy doesn't allow certain breeds that are deemed aggressive when the building next to my building had supposedly been involved in dog fighting in the hallways (this coming from one of the maintenance staff.) It's not safe here and it's not a place I will ever come back to unless these are torn down to the ground and rebuilt. For he price they are charging for rent, you could live in a MUCH MUCH NICER apartment or duplex for what you pay here and they don't have washer dryer hook ups. For what I pay currently they should at least have those.
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Pegasus Place

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