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Pegasus Place



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
ROACHES EVERYWHERE! There dirty cheap and little Mexico is definitely a good name for the place! If you want to live like an immigrant, in the worst apartment complex ever then this is the place! 4 year's of hell living here in this ---- hole because my husband and I were college students and we're duped into the "Special Offer"! Don't fall for it I was sexually harrassed by a creepy guy named Joe he would always comment on my body as I walked to the mailbox and my husband wanted to rip him a new one too! It got so bad I feared for my safety and was unable to get my mail without my husband present. I told those ------- in the office but they didn't take it seriously and chuckled as I left! They should care more about there tenants safety but it's hard to do when getting a manacure is most important to you! But hey what if the next time a creepy guy named Joe, rapes someone then you will be faced with a lawsuit. Be careful if you choose this place and be prepared to lose all your valuable things to the ROACHES, you maybe able to salvage some small items that you can fit into a Ziploc bag but be sure to throw all furniture and anything that won't fit into a sealed Ziploc bag before you move to ensure you don't transfer bugs. Also if needing a nice apartment search in the heartland area, The Enclave, The Veridian, The Grand Reserve are a few I know have no roaches, oh and living roach free feels great! Since I've moved to the heartland area, my husband and I are feeling more blessed than ever. Good luck
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Pegasus Place

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