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Pegasus Place



Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
I currently live here and it has been an absolute nightmare this place is infested with roaches and the office does nothing about it I moved in back in January and the first week I was here they put a note on our door asking if we would like the German cockroach 4 Hour clean out we were never informed of the roach problem before we moved in I feel like that was something that we should have known about there has been two people commit suicide since we have lived here the kids run wild tearing up everything outside one child even hit my son in the head with a stick putting him in the hospital the pool has been shut down twice this summer due to the health department coming we had drug dealers living downstairs people smoking cigarettes in the hallways and putting them out right outside my door I found a large knife in the window seal of the hallway right by my apartment door the roaches are crawling all in the hallway and just today I watch roaches come out from under the door of the apartment beneath me after I killed them I went to the office and was treated like crap and it was like they put the blame on me they are rude and show no concern whatsoever my car was hit twice in the parking lot one time buy some underage kids drinking and driving outside there is always beer cans glass pill bottles and garbage all of the parking lot the dumpsters are overflowing with garbage furniture and trash I have seen rats by the dumpster and running through the parking lot they were allowing people in the pool in their underwear and little kids completely naked in the pool when it first opened this year the people that live here our trash I have kids coming to my door everyday asking for juice and candy they run around barefoot with scabs all over them just the other day two teenage boys were being mean to some smaller kids on the basketball courts where me and my boyfriend and kids were and when a another parent came out we were threatened with a gun this place is unsafe dirty smells gross it needs to be shut down completely I cannot wait to get me and my kids out of this place and I will calling and complaining to anyone and everyone I can to make sure this place is shut down please whatever you do do not move here you will regret it
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Pegasus Place

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