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Shadeland Crescent



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Office Staff
Linadra • Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/07/2014
As others have stated, we was sold on the apartments originally because of their modern and "pretty" looks. Everything was great, then we was told the deposit for the apartment was 500$. That's incredibly steep, but we neede a place to stay. We set our move in date, then realized that we HAD to be at work earlier, around a week, because we was relocating from over 3 hours away. We contacted the manager and he was very understanding, and said we could move in a week earlier no problem. Then less than 24 hours before our new move in date, he called us bak and said that we would have to pay an extra 100$ on our deposit in order for us to move in early. We simply had no choice, and had to comply with the new, and seemingly crooked charge. When we finally got moved in, we noticed on the lease that the water/sewer etc. is actually not INCLUDED in the rent, but you pay a flat charge. Our 799.00 rent then became 899.00 base, then increased depending on how much water was used etc. Then of course we pay our own electricity, which didn't amount to move than 120$ in the winter, which wasn't so bad. They changed their prices on the apartments this past year with the new management, but we realized that anyone already living there paid the old prices. Our neighbor who had the exact same layout and apartment size as us paid over 1200 in rent(the old rent amount) while we paid 899. Internet/Cable is included with the apartment, part of the 100$ charge extra to our rent, but we went a full month without internet. A neighbor of ours complained that they had been without it for 3 full months, and we couldn't do anything about it. There isn't anyone in the office 9/10 times. We noticed it was completely empty for 3 full weeks, and couldn't reach anyone by phone. They have a sister apartment complex, which the manger is usually there. That is where all the "amenities" are that they promise, a good 10 minute drive away from where you will be living, and you have to pay for the access to them. The noise from our neighbors is horrendous, we could hear them doing everything (including anything restroom related) and couldn't do anything about it because there was no one in the office. Pros: Very Modern Clean Apartments heat well Cons: Noise No parking "Free laundry" doesn't work most of the time No office staff present Very costly for no real usable space (our balcony was larger than our living room.) Internet is slow and goes out often for long periods of time Huge start up cost with the high deposit and pet fee The apartment itself was very nice, and I'm sure some people have good experiences here, but none that we spoke to.
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Shadeland Crescent

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