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Shadeland Crescent



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2016 Recommended
Reviewed 08/07/2016
I lived here for a year (2015-2016) in the 2 bedroom loft. Here's a run down of my experience: Pros: Close to UK (walking distance to K Lot/Commonwealth Stadium), cute neighborhood (enjoyed walking around it and felt safe), easy online billing service, modern interior, water included, spacious closets Cons: Laundry was a hassle (1.50 per machine, had to get it up/down from the top floor), parking lot was littered with trash/tire hazards (busted mine on a nail more than once), thin walls (could hear everything my neighbors did in addition to smelling their marijuana/tobacco smoke), shared patio (our neighbors frequently spilled over onto ours during parties - was uncomfortable having total strangers stand right outside our living room), TINY kitchen, not a lot of floor space for the square footage, and oh god, the stinkbugs...they were everywhere in the Fall. Eh: Loft style is cute, but the high ceilings cause issues with heating - the 1st floor was always cool while the upstairs was burning up. There are also no doors for the upstairs, so you better be comfortable with your downstairs roommate. Management was rarely in the office, but I never really had a reason to go see them.The parking lot was plowed well in the winter, but I am unsure if this was management or a resident since it was a company and not a city truck. Overall, not horrible, but I wouldn't move back there if I could avoid it. It is about $250 overpriced in my opinion. However, due to it's proximity to campus, easy billing, and nice neighborhood, this would be a good starter apartment for a college student with lower standards money to burn.
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Shadeland Crescent

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