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3851 Belleau Wood Drive, Lexington, KY 40517
3851 Belleau Wood Drive, Lexington, KY 40517

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Spring House Apartments

3851 Belleau Wood Drive

Lexington, KY 40517



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Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended

Reviewed 06/24/2012

I first want to address all of the things I have enjoyed about this apartment complex. My roommate and I have lived here for the last year and found many aspects of it quite enjoyable. *Very nice grounds *Friendly staff *Spacious apartments *New appliances, most apartments now getting equipped with washers and dryers *Very convenient location for the Tates Creek area. *Friendly pet policy, even if your pet is borderline on the weight limit :) That being said, we chose not to renew our lease for the next year. While this was largely due to significant changes in both of our lives, during our stay here and throughout my personal search for a new place to live, a few concerning things stood out to me. *Maintenance is very friendly, however there were two instances in which my roommate and I had to call them three separate times before the problem was seriously considered. The first being when my roommate's shower kept turning to freezing cold water after only a few minutes in the shower. The water in my bathroom would stay hot for the full length of a quick shower, but hers would disappear rather quickly, so we knew something was wrong, most likely with the hot water heater. When maintenance came in, they looked at it briefly, but said they didn't find anything wrong, and suggested that maybe she wasn't aware of just how long her showers were actually taking, and since it was getting colder, she was instinctively turning the heat up more. This kept up for a couple more weeks, until we finally called a third time and said that the water was still turning cold and that perhaps something was wrong with the pressure valve, so then they came out, and lo and behold, it was in fact, a broken water heater. The second instance of this related to the piping connecting our dishwasher and sink. For weeks, we would have nasty water back up into the bottom of our dishwasher, which would eventually leak out of the bottom of the dishwasher onto the floor. Additionally, if we ran the dishwasher, that same scummy water would back up into the sink. While thankfully it would always drain, whether pooling up at the bottom of the dishwasher or coming up out of the sink, it smelled like raw sewage and released that smell all over the apartment. The first time maintenance came out, they told us whenever the water backed up into the dishwasher, to just press the start button, let it fill for a few seconds, then hit cancel to drain it all out and that should clear it up. This was only a temporary fix, because the problem still kept up, and the apartment still smelled like sewage. After weeks of this, we got fed up and called them to come in and look at it because we couldn't put up with the rancid smell anymore (not to mention the health concern). At this point, we were taken seriously again and they finally came out and found the problem and fixed it accordingly. I do understand the difficulty in keeping up with so many units, and I'm sure that tenants can sometimes call maintenance in haste when they can easily fix the problem themselves. At the same time, however, I would have appreciated our calls being taken more seriously and being examined a bit more critically the first time we mentioned it. I felt like it was assumed we didn't know what we were talking about and were just being flippant, irresponsible girls. I very much appreciated how friendly the maintenance folks have always been, but would have liked feeling like I was actually being listened to. My other dissatisfaction with this place was that the price you end up paying is a bit pricier than the price you are reeled in with. This is more a problem with the overall company managing the property, not the leasing agents themselves. The company seems to find an endless amount of ways to inch up the price, partially remaining in competition with the market, but also (in my opinion) overcharging compared to other places you can find in Lexington. When my roommate and I first checked out the place, we were told one price, but once it actually came around to signing the lease for what was available, it was $30ish dollars more. Next, when our lease ran up, I tried seeing how much a one bedroom would cost. The lowest price on the website is about $601, but the only one available was a 2nd floor apt at $629(ish). Fine, a little pricy, but I decided to think about it. Within only a few days, that apartment was snatched up, but another one was available on the 2nd floor, but was coming out to be $634 plus utilities. It would have been cheaper, but since the owner wanted to put in a washer and dryer, that would inch the price up. I definitely understand that it is a competitive rental market, especially in this location, but the company shows ZERO interest in honoring the price you initially talk to them about. Considering I am a recent graduate from a Master's program, finances and finding deals are a bit more important to me than it may be for others. If you are ok with small loopholes that generate additional charges when you actually sign, thats cool. Just be aware and make sure to make room for it in your financial planning. I found a nice one bedroom apartment that will be a good $70 cheaper and is a bit larger than the one here and will be going there instead. And finally, the insulation isn't that great. Prepare for your bills to be pretty high in the winter. For a couple of months, we paid more than some friends of ours living in a 2 story, 3-bedroom house. Ouch! Sorry for such a long review, I find that hunting down apartments (and reading the reviews on them) can be quite stressful, and so I wanted to provide a really thorough perspective on living here and the challenges you would encounter.
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Spring House Apartments

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