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Townley Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/07/2012
I have no "Horror Stories" and my experience here was not terrible. There is, however, much better housing available for this much money in Lexington. Let's start with the positives: *It's really new. *Great location near New Circle, the Interstate, and downtown Lexington. *You have a Taco Bell, Zaxby's, Wendy's, and McDonald's REALLY CLOSE to you. Now for the negatives: *I know that it's just a part of living in this part of town but it smells like diarrhea at night because of the stockyards and dump located near the apartments. *It is difficult to find parking because the owners decided to make a quick buck and build garages that they rent out (many of which are never used) instead of providing an adequate number of parking places for the residents. You will frequently find yourself (and your guests) having to park on the street in front of Holiday Inn at times. *The pool is way too small for this many residents. They'll try to use it as a major selling point but it only accommodates maybe 20 people. *Dog owners: You can't fault the management here, this is strictly a resident issue. At first, I thought it would be fun to live in a community with lots of dog owners. I never had problems with dogs barking or keeping me up at night, but people let their dogs defecate all over the lawn and don't clean up after them. The apartment complex even provides little kiosks with trash cans and bags to encourage residents to clean up after their dogs, but very few actually do this. Stay off the grass and be especially careful if you have kids. *Also, a warning. Document EVERYTHING and every interaction you have with the management. The management and staff have been known to lose paperwork and modems. I recently got the refundable part of my deposit in the mail and they charged me $50 for not returning my cable modem. I distinctly remember turning it in with the keys and asking if I needed to sign anything. The staff member just shook their head "no" and I left. Now I have no proof that I gave the modem back and will just have to eat the loss. Apparently, I should have taken a picture or asked the manager to sign a document in order to cover myself. I called the complex and spoke with manager on duty and he said that there was "nothing he could do" about the situation. I also asked him if he would really sour my entire experience at Townley Park over $50 and he replied "Yes". I understand where he is coming from and it is unfortunate that my modem somehow got lost after I turned it in but this still leaves a very bad taste in my mouth and speaks a lot about the quality of the staff and management at Townley Park Apartments. Overall: For a 1-bedroom the price is pretty steep for a place where you'll have a difficult time finding a parking spot, you can't walk on the grass because all of the dog turds, and that smells like sewer at night. You can also find better management for this price. Don't let the "newness" of the complex fool you, there are apartments available in Lexington with much better pricing and management.
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Townley Park

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