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800 Tower City Club Apartments

800 South 4th Street

Louisville, KY 40203



Resident · 2016 - 2017
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Please read this if you are thinking about renting at the 800 building. This is for your benefit. I wish we would have listened to the reviews before we signed. They were right. We moved in sight unseen and were super optimistic. Keep in mind we pay over $1,700 in rent for a 2 Bedroom 2 Bath unit. 1. Construction noise starting at 7 am. 2. Strong Marijuana on many floors, elevators, and common areas. 3. Many residents are going without heat on days that we have had freezes and snow. 4. Timelines for the construction and amenities have been completely off, and almost seem to be contrived. 5. Water seems unsafe. The water is often brown and stains tubs and toilets. 6. The water gets turned off often at very inconvenient times. Last one was off at 6am-6 pm 7. The garage was re-striped and the parking spots are so small some vehicles do not fit at all and the door dings are horrible. 8. There are holes in the drywall are under the sinks where construction was just not finished and it lets in cigarette and weed smells from other units. We have tapped ours closed. The hole is approx. the size of a dinner plate. 9. The community washers and dryers are often all full. People leave their clothes in the washers and dryers. There are only about 10 dryers and 8 washers for the entire 29 story building. 10. You have to purchase a "money card" at $5 each (cash only) to even use the washers and dryers. Then you have to load cash onto the card..... So no cash? No laundry use. 11. There is no heat in the downstairs commons area. It is frigid. One of the concierge got frostbite it is so cold. 12. We were told that the restaurant would be done last May 2016. (Today's date is January 7th 2017) and no work has been done in the space. 13. We often have no hot water and the water temp is frigid. Therefore no shower. Over $1,700 rent. 14. Many of the tenants have "tandem parking" This means that you AND another resident will be sharing one long parking space. The solution that was given was to give your neighbor an extra set of your keys so they can move your car. ************My husband and I know most every resident. The positive reviews on most sites are by non-residents. *************** We just cannot wait to leave. All we want is out of our lease. Why do we not pay the fee to leave, you may ask?! Our fee would be around $4,000. We cannot give them any "extra money" based on principal. We have 4 more months and pray it will get better, however it has gotten progressively worse. I do want to say that the maintenance crew and the concierge Kevin are helpful. They seem to care about the residents and go above and beyond to get things fixed and just have such good demeanors. They try to paint everything in a positive light and are just genuine. There are some really great residents here that do not deserve to live like this and to be Trapped in this horrible living situation.
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800 Tower City Club Apartments Manager


Run2mch, We pride ourselves in being an owner managed company and apologize that you did not feel that through our amenities, services and product. Thank you for your detailed description of your experiences as we will use this feedback to improve upon our offerings and make this the best community to live at. We apologize again about the experience that you had and our shortcomings in our customer service and product. We assure you that we are constantly improving upon this community and are excited about all that it is becoming. Thank you again for your valued feedback. -City Club Management

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800 Tower City Club Apartments

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