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Autumn Run Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
So all in all I can say the apt itself is actually ok in size and it was what I was looking for. The downfalls are the management and some other features. First of all these apts are old, there are mice in the walls, and I went to the extent of buying mice prevention products, I saw one the 2nd month I moved in. I caught it, and used other plug-ins to make sure I never see another one. Management comes up with charges out of nowhere and says that they are from when you moved in 4 months ago. Ok, you miss calculated, that shouldn't be held over my head. When we did the walk through we pointed out everything that was wrong, including the (when the dishwasher runs, the sink starts to fill up), said she will send someone to fix it; Never has. I think the best thing to do is call a company to come fix it, then have then subtract it from your monthly rent, then they can take you to court over it, and probably lose. The worse part is reading over the lease, In the lease, it states that your rent is $589, but you are actually paying $649, and it doesn't even say in the lease that you pay $60 for gas fees(rubs). Best thing to do is get everything in writing, and have a date set to when they are going to fix something, so when they don't you can call your own "fixer". I won a case over the heat being broken for a whole winter, and called my own repair guy. I didn't have to pay my rent for the months they were out, and he even had to give me my deposit back.
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Autumn Run Apartments

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