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Bardstown Forest Apartments



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Office Staff
moneygoesfast • Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/11/2014
Horrible place to live... Parking sucks 10 spaces for 16 apartments and some people have 3 cars for 1 apartment. So if you don't like walking far to and from your car be prepared for the battle. The walls and floors are thin you canhear those annoying neighbors sand learn there private business unintentionally or the pick up soccer games that last un till the sun goes down. There's is a bark park but there is tons of dog poop on the grounds and even at the park. There is 1 street light per.building. cheap counter tops 4 cabinets. Walls are horrible with pin holes from unmatched and painted over work. Base boards are poor shape. Closet doors fall off. Power outlets don't work. Maintenance are nice guys but are idiots trust me and don't treat tenants right especially when you let them no how any times the same thing tht they fix never works. The landlord is your typical commercial apartments landlord. They tell you to let them know if something is wrong and they'll take care of it bu they'll just blow you off your just dollar signs to them nothing else. The place is a dump. I'd call it a smell less turd. People will leave there garbage on your patio once a week. Prepare for your water to not work for 4 days a month. No space and you can find plenty of of these trashy apartments for 200.00$ cheaper. DON'T DO IT.
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Bardstown Forest Apartments

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