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Bardstown Forest Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2015 Recommended
Reviewed 04/13/2016
Lived in these apartments not too long ago.There were two Meredith's in the leasing office and the younger blonde was the best to talk to; The other always exhibited "false niceness". The maintenance team keeps the place looking nice and are usually quick with maintenance requests. We had to call 24/7 maintenance once and even though the problem wasn't fixed that night, it was fixed very early the next day. We were only there for one lease period so I can't speak on any increased prices. Our reasons for moving: 1) We had a bottom apartment. The very first thing we asked when viewing was how much sound leaked through. The agent gave us a run around about how "old apartments are better because you don't have those problems of hearing the people around you." Apparently these apartments are not old. You can hear every move the people upstairs make. I could often hear conversations as well and their music. 2) The living room was extremely drafty (there was a significant gap between the ground and the bottom of the front door). It seemed like we could never heat the place because so much escaped. 3) Our apartment faced a fence. Not a very scenic view. Also, there were multiple times were we opened the patio to see kids running around or someone smoking or walking a dog. This is to be expected in a community, but its uncomfortable when a kid waves at you while you're in a robe. 4) The patio blinds were ragged. If one end broke, they usually flipped the vertical blind and used the other end, so they were pretty uneven. We moved in with one missing and were promised another. We never got it. 5) The laundry facility. This was the most annoying of the list. It's a bit of a distance from the outer apartments, especially when you're carrying heavy baskets or if it's raining or snowing. There's only (6? 8?) washers, and usually one or two of them are malfunctioning. My roommate and I had encounters multiple times with a woman who liked to use them all. It's just not realistic to have a community of this size and not have enough washers and dryers to accommodate families. Not to mention they charge you for use and it's not even guaranteed when you need it. While sometimes we feel nostalgic about it (being our first apartment ever), the little annoyances are enough to keep us away.
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Bardstown Forest Apartments

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