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Boulder Creek Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
I realize a lot of these reviews are made by the people who get mad, so I wanted to write one about our experience with Boulder Creek, which we highly recommend! Here's why: My wife and I were getting married in September and were having trouble finding a place that would rent to us, as while we make pretty good money and have decent credit scores, we are young and have lived within our means....meaning we didn't have a LOT of credit. Good credit and large credit, not the same thing. What was knocking us out of qualifying for most places was A) my student loans which were deferred, and B) an old medical bill of my wife's that we have been disputing since they billed us. Boulder Creek was the only apartments that said they didn't consider student loans or medical bills. We got in no problem! We got the cheapest apartment they had as we were trying to save and didn't need much space, and it was still really nice! We paid our rent on time every month and there was never a problem. It was quiet enough (keep in mind that this is the home of other people too, there will always be SOME noise) and the grounds were always well kept. We like a clean home and never kept food out or trash cans full, but we never really had any bug issues and we were on the ground floor. They have a pest control person out every week for the grounds and for any house calls, but we never needed one. The only time we needed something fixed, they had someone out the next day. The repair person was clean and didn't leave a mess for us and fixed all we asked. The one time we called to report a potential injury risk on the grounds, they had someone our repairing it within an hour! This was surprising and really good to see. We did move out a month early because we bought a house. While they politely told us that they were sad to see us go, they congratulated us on buying a home and didn't make us feel bad for leaving. We have seen this often...They went over our responsibilities that we already knew about because they were explained in the lease, but worked with us to make sure we could turn the apartment over sooner rather than later. The list to complete to get back your full deposit was detailed and easy to check off as we cleaned. They ended up not making us pay August's full rent because they were able to get someone into our apartment by the 5th, which means we only paid for four days instead of the norm which is where you pay for the full month and then they refund the difference. They did this because they had a renter, but they really tried to make it easy on us. They seemed so willing to help and be flexible, which is the reason I have sought out to write good reviews about them. We are really thankful to have had this place as our first home. Hope this helps you when looking for apartments! God bless!
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Boulder Creek Apartments

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