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Boulder Creek Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
I have lived in 4-5 different apartments in the last 10 years, and I think Boulder Creek Apartments are definitely one of the better complexes I've lived in so far. I do think they are far too expensive for the condition they're in (you're not guaranteed to have updated carpet, appliances or cabinetry, and the breezeways/stairs are rusted and also filled with cigarette butts from rude neighbors). I'm from a different state where the average price for a nice apartment is anywhere between $600-650. In Kentucky it seems that any apartment complex can charge more than what the place is worth. I suppose because the housing market is still down, they can get away with it.In my opinion, rates shouldn't go up if you're a great tenant who always pays on time and causes no problems for the community. That's one area where this place fails, by increasing rent for good tenants at their lease renewal by $20-30 a month. I know for a fact that not all apartment complexes do this, as I have lived in many in the past that didn't. Good behavior should be rewarded, so that good tenants don't move out and get replaced by bad ones. Aside from that, the place has sadly gone downhill since I first moved in. There was a large fire that took out several of the apartments, and due to that, other residents who had nothing to do with it were forced to increase their renters insurance, and will now be forced to pay for previously covered utilities, such as water. I thought this place was already expensive enough, and if I'm going to pay any more to live in an apartment (not a house with a mortgage), I might as well move to a luxury apartment home, which I'm planning to do when my lease is up. It's not all about money, though, and when I say the place has gone downhill, I mean mostly in it's appearance and community members. The grounds are well kept as far as the landscaping, but that's where it ends. Neighbors are regularly seen walking around in pajamas or barefoot, and children are constantly playing loudly and outside apartments they don't live in, as well as in the breezeways. Trash and cigarette butts are frequently seen in breezeways, on the lawn, and in parking-lots. And of course there are several cars in each parking-lot with flat tires, that will never be towed. The railings on the balconies are covered in rust, and only some have been re-painted in the 2 years I've been here. Also I've regularly seen (and yelled at) teenagers smoking weed and selling drugs in my parking-lot. I suppose that could happen anywhere, but I don't appreciate paying for it to happen here (though I don't suppose there is much that the management can even do about that sort of thing, it's just sad that it's happening in Jtown at all). I do think for the most part that the neighbors are quiet, because I never hear anyone through my walls. I do often hear the echoes of voices and doors closing from the breezeway, but that's it. I had thought that large dog breeds weren't allowed here, but apparently they are, because I've recently seen rottweilers, great danes and dalmatians living here. Personally, that makes me less excited to come home--though it certainly would be a good place for dog lovers. Although, I was once bit in the ankle by a neighbor's yappy yorkie while trying to navigate around them to get up to my apartment, so keep your distance from the dogs being walked. I didn't mean for this review to sound so negative, but obviously this place has room for improvement. I'm mostly rating it well because I think the staff themselves have been nothing but great and nice people ever since I moved in. I also think they genuinely wish they could keep out the riffraff's and make the place nicer, but can only do so much. If you're looking for a classy place to live, where you can feel proud of living in an apartment, even though it isn't a house--this isn't it. If you're looking for a place just comfortable enough to keep you content, you've found your home.
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Boulder Creek Apartments

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