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Boulder Creek Apartments



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
I rented here because they allow short term leases- I dont recommend you do unless you're in a hurry or only need to rent for a short time. Apartment was okay: smallish and expensive for the area, but don't expect to get your deposit back at all. I cleaned my apt so well I guess they had to make up some -------- to take my deposit, they claimed the (carpet that is several years old) had pet stains. First of all, I had no pets in the apartment and the carpet had bleach stains when I first moved in. I'm pretty sure b/c I couldn't do the move-out walk through they decided to screw me into paying for their carpet replacement. The staff here is blunt and rude and not very friendly, they don't explain a lot of things like how the billing will work etc. On top of that, the utility closet has THE WATER HEATER on top of the A/C unit when I moved in i initially heard a rushing water sound and thought maybe the pipes were just noisy. This continued until one fateful Saturday I'm watching TV and hear a sparking sound followed by thick smoke pouring out of my utility closet.....(It started on fire). The water heater had backed up and leaked onto the electric thermostat panel in the A/C unit. I had to flip the breaker and the guy who came to fix it said he had several of these every MONTH. What would've happened if it didn't blow on a Sunday? If I wasn't home? This place is ------- dangerous. Overall, go somewhere else. The apartments arent bad, and management could be better, but they will screw you over money wise and some of their "utility" practices makes me wonder if they know what safety means.
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Boulder Creek Apartments

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