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Boulder Creek Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2016
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
The office staff has been difficult and they tend to be very stuck up when speaking to you. At this point they only see dollar signs. They charge way too much. They no longer consider utilities as a part of the rent so you have to pay a fee that they add on based on a random equation they conjured up which added about $30-$40 more on our rent each month when they already charge too much as it is. They will do anything and everything to take your money and I bet we won't get a deposit back when we leave for whatever reason they will make up. The maintenence guys are nice but they do a mediocre job at fixing things because they fix things in the cheapest way possible. We have called about or dishwasher multiple times and gave up. We called about our garbage disposal multiple times and gave up. We called about a literal bug infestation (because there is a crack in our back window that for whatever reason they can't seal) in our apartment and they tried to make us wait 4 days for an exterminator to come until we raised hell with them. Even then they had us wait a day. It was so disgusting. There was probably 100+ bugs coming in our window in our bedroom and they wanted us to wait. We got a letter stating we couldn't have our windows open because our front curtains weren't white and they want the whole complex to be uniform so color in your windows is not allowed. (Really?) They didn't do a very good job with fixing up the place before we moved in but we were desperate at the time so we looked past it but that's probably going to bite us in the butt when we leave. The counter top is pealing off and has lots of scratches. There's a giant black line through our bathroom mirror. Lots of cracked tiles in the bathroom. Old appliances. They use cheap paint on the walls that is somewhat hard to clean. The covering on the front of the cabinets is also cheap and pealing off and we haven't even touched it. Some of the drawers in the kitchen are crooked. This was all like this when we moved in. The whole thing needs to be updated. There has been numerous reports of theft and break ins since we've lived here as well. This place is not worth the money or the hassle with dealing with the office. We got completely screwed over money wise and we will never be back and I would advise anyone else to never live there. Everyone I know personally that lives there or has already left cannot stand that place.
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Boulder Creek Apartments

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