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Boulder Creek Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
It is not an overstatement that living in this complex for the last year has been an absolutely miserable experience. I lived on the second floor of an apartment building and quickly noticed that my downstairs neighbor smoked like crazy. The insulation is very poor, so smoke poured into my apartment. I told management of my concerns for my possessions within the apartment as well as my health and my pets'. They sloppily sealed a couple areas where the smoke came in the most, and that helped for about two weeks. I then told them it was still a problem, and they said I could move into another unit that might also be filled with smoke. The infusion of cigarette smoke into my apartment caused a flare of a chronic illness I didn't even know I had. That illness and the constant smoke exposure caused frequent acute illness, making it difficult to keep a job. I had no resources or energy to fight the sub-standard housing situation. Now, I am in a ton of debt and have just moved back into my mother's house. I have to dispose of and replace many of my belongings that have been permanently ruined by the incoming smoke. I don't even want to think about the long-term impact on my health! Aware of all of this, the complex's staff was insistent that they had done everything in their power and the problem was mine. These apartments are polished turds at best and vastly overpriced. Ten months into my lease, a wood slat under the carpet became dislodged, creating a speed bump of sorts in the hallway. Regarding the aforementioned poor insulation, differing areas of the unit often varied vastly in temperature. Additionally, management was aware that a neighbor continually left food outside for stray cats in the area, despite this being firmly against the rules. Of course, this drew several cats, as well as raccoons, possums, and a beaver, none of which seemed terribly afraid of people. It was anyone's guess what rodent would greet me when I took my dog outside before bed. Given the pattern of treatment from management, I expect they will needle me out of my deposit. I am determined, though, to recover at least that much.
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Boulder Creek Apartments

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