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Canter Chase



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Nadmo • Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/02/2017
I rented this apt for 7 months, so my price/month was higher that usual. I was looking for apartments that have a washer/dryer hook up. I decided to chose this one because it was one of the few that offered it. 2nd week after I moved in I came home from work after mid night, the lights were on, the apartment looked like there was someone in it, although no one lived with me. I came to my bedroom and my TV stand was moved to the middle of the room, there was a HOLE in a wall and NO note. I was scared that someone had a key and came in. I called emergency maintenance number, apparently there was a leak in the apartment below me and the guy came to my apartment and did all this, didn't clean up, didn't leave a note; I didn't get a call. My dryer had like cigarette smell in it. I've had the dryer for over a year before, at another apartment in Lexington, and it worked great. I had my own ventilation going outside through the wall. I came to the office and expressed my concern about this situation. They said they'll check the vents to make sure they're not clogged with lint. Next day, 2 guys come at 10-11am to check it out, I told them to come next day around 2 PM because I was getting ready for work. The NEXT day, they came around the same time and I reminded them that I asked to come at 2 PM because I have to get dressed & go to work. I have a 1 bedroom apartment I didn't want to get dressed & get ready for work while they're working in my apartment. That same night I came home from work, that's after they were suppose to come and check it. I expected to see a work order on what's been done & what the outcome was. Since I already had an issue like that the first time I moved in, I expected it wouldn't happen again. But there was nothing. The smell in the dryer seemed to be a little less strong so I thought that there was a clogged vent so the smell was still lingering. But it got a little worse and better on & off. Then after I dried couple of loads laundry my dryer stopped working. The sensor went out again. My brother in law has been working with washers/dryers/refrigerators for 10 years in a different state and he said it was either because it was clogged and it caused the sensor to go out or a few other issues to do with the vent. I went to the office, I told them this, and as I'm expressing my concern ------ (the manager) rolls her eyes at me, because the workers that they hired are "professionals" and they couldn't have messed anything up. They actually clean carpets and know nothing about dryers. After I got a new sensor, my other brother in law came from Lexington, changed it and after I dried one load of clothes the sensor went out again. The cigarette smell was so strong in there but they told me that my vent isn't connected to anyone else's. I was told that if someone who smokes has their vent go out to the main vent with mine that could be the reason. The office staff would not lift a finger to even consider that there is a problem that THEY need to fix or that the workers that they hired might have messed something up. I called their regional manager -------- & she called me back once. I was at work, there was a bad reception. I've been calling her for 2 weeks, tried to have this figured out (my dryer has been off for 2 weeks, the smell was still there & I don't smoke) but she was no where to be reached.This is the WORST experience that I've ever had with an apartment. I would NOT recommend them to anyone. Terrible customer service. Rolling their eyes at you when you come to them with an issue & make you feel that you're making things up isn't a professional way to do it. 2018 UPDATE: Have had my dryer in 2 other apartments after the sensor was changed and never had this issue after I moved from Canter Chase.
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Canter Chase

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