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71-A Charter Oaks Drive, Louisville, KY 40241
71-A Charter Oaks Drive, Louisville, KY 40241

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Chamberlain Oaks



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Reviewed 04/26/2012
First off, I've had nothing but trouble with my past neighbors. the staff is even worse. I'm a student, and have been living here four years now. During that time I've heard over 100 gunshots. Not to mention the fact that the office people let families of like 11 or 12 move in to one unit, and most dont have a single green card among them. The new management is even shadier. Right now they're looking to make more money by throwing out everyone who isnt currently under lease and renovating each unit. Every month I've watched plenty of nice folks(some people here actually speak english and dont deal drugs). We live a block away from Tazwell(as in "the tazwell mafia")St. Go one block east and you should be armed, with a kevlar vest on, lol. Little thugs and thug wannabes go walking up and down the street here on accomack, and most women are afraid to. And on top of having to put up with that, they're throwing out all the month to month people, for no other reason than to try and get 750 a month, lol. You can get a condo with a 20 yr mortgage in glenmary for that price. Did I mention the bedbugs? They tearing half of my building apart because some foulass people caused a bedbug infestation. Thank god for firewalls, lol. I will not be the least bit sad to leave this --------. our kitchen floor is shaped like a bowl, for christs sake!!! Unless you dont have a green card and need a place to hide 10 other illegals, dont move here. Its like that! If someone called immigration, I dont think there'd be 5 tenants left, SERIOUSLY!! Maintenance isnt worth two squirts of duck squat, they are either incompetent or prefer to tell stories and talk your ear off about airplanes. It was funny to hear that the incompetent fool(not the stoned blabbermouth)fell into a pile of my great danes dooky:) Probably the only worthy thing he's done since they hire him. My girlfriend(among other young women) also tell me that he is a pervert and is only capable of looking at their cleavage while talking to them. She wont even call maintenance unless im there. I could literally go on for days about how terrible these apartments are....... DONT MOVE HERE..... I'll have my degree by weeks end and hopefully will be in a house w/in a month. Wherever i end up, I know it'll chaimberlain jokes. Plus theyve raised rent every year on us. Oh, and only one of our toilets has ever worked, sposed to have been fixed a year ago. you have to fight for parking because noone obeys any of the rules, most have at least four cars per unit. My parking lot looks like a mexican wagon train. My last downstairs neighbors were running a carpeting business from their apartment. Listening to them hammer tackstrips together at 4 am was just [eachy. The ones below me now a re constantly fighting, and have had the cops here numerous times. Drug dealls go down in front of my house, every time you see a teenager texting while he sits on the retaining wall someone comes in a different car and drops off something for cash. I've caught them having sex in the woods where I walk my dog, which is littered with condoms,dirty needles, and charred tinfoil. I even found a charred spoon once in the woods once. This place looks okay at a glance, but once you move in you're in for some rude awakenings! Plus the sex offender site says we're WITHIN 1/4 MILE of known sex offenders! check for yourself and think twice before moving here..
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Chamberlain Oaks

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