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71-A Charter Oaks Drive, Louisville, KY 40241
71-A Charter Oaks Drive, Louisville, KY 40241

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Chamberlain Oaks



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clferr08 • Resident 2010 - 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 06/01/2012
I've lived at Chamberlain Oaks for the past 2 years, and have enjoyed it on the whole. I moved here from LaFontenay because I needed a place with more economical rent. For a one-bedroom apartment I currently pay $455 (that's including a $10 pet rent per month for my little dog), plus the monthly RUBS (Resident Utility Billing System) fee. The RUBS fee is calculated by taking the total gas bill for a building and dividing it between all the residents. It goes up in the Winter, but has never been too high (I think the most I've ever paid for it has been around $30-40 in the coldest Winter months; usually it's under $10). Here are some things I've enjoyed about Chamberlain Oaks: 1. Location - It's situated in a very nice area of town, minutes from both Springhurst and The Summit shopping centers, and Tom Sawyer park. There's a Wal-Mart within walking distance, and a great little Mexican restaurant (Fiesta Time) just down the street. You're also a hop, skip and a jump away from Gene Synder and I-71. 2. Safety - I'm a single woman living alone, and I've never felt unsafe here, even while walking my dog at night. The parking lot is well-lit, and 95% of the neighbors I've had a chance to speak with are friendly, nice people. Several of the gentlemen in my building helped me carry a heavy box to my apartment once, and one of the long-term residents will often sit in the lobby with his cat and chat with you as you're checking your mailbox. :) I feel that if I ever had a problem with something, there are several people I could turn to for help. 3. Apartment Layout - My apartment certainly isn't the largest one-bedroom on the market, but for the price it's a good value. I like the floorplan - each room is big enough, at least for my needs, without space being wasted. The kitchen is certainly larger than the one I had at LaFontenay, with a charming little bar at the entrance and built-in shelves on the walls. The bathroom is decently-sized and includes a built-in closet. There are two closets in the bedroom - not walk-ins, but again, it's enough for me. 4. Office & Maintenance Staff - The leasing office staff have always been extremely courteous and helpful to me ever since I've been here. The maintenance staff have been prompt and professional whenever I've needed their assistance. Last year there was a problem with my water heater, and after I called them they had it fixed within a day. In addition, not too long after I moved in, I awoke one night around midnight to the smell of smoke and the sound of a faint alarm of some sort. Thinking there was some problem with my heater, I called maintenance. The gentleman arrived within 15 minutes and checked everything out. After finding no problem with my heating unit, he checked the surrounding apartments and discovered that my irresponsible downstairs neighbor had fallen asleep while boiling eggs. He managed to wake the guy up and call the fire department to take care of the problem. The neighbor in question was gone not long after that incident. The management seems to be quick about dealing with problem residents. During my first year here there was another resident who was loud and obnoxious and generally caused problems (noise at late hours, letting his children run unsupervised down the hallways and in the parking lot, etc.), and after several residents complained, the management terminated his lease. 5. Diversity - There seem to be several immigrant families living here right now. If you're racist enough for that to make you uncomfortable, you may wish to consider a different location. I find the diversity here to be charming, and all the immigrant neighbors I've had have been friendly. With all that said, here are a couple things I haven't liked so much: 1. Ventilation system - The ventilation is constructed in such a way that any strong smell from nearby neighbors' apartments tends to waft into yours. This isn't always bad - sometimes I come home and my apartment smells like whatever delicious food my neighbors are cooking (well, maybe it is bad since then I'm jealous of their dinner!). But if you happen to live close to someone who smokes in their apartment, you're going to smell it. I have smoke allergies, and for awhile there was a couple who lived down the hall from me who smoked indoors. Every time the heat or air would kick on I could smell it, which gave me no end of annoyance until they moved out. (They were nice people, the smoke just bothered me.) 2. Laundry - There IS a laundry room, but the one time I used it I found it to be very unsatisfactory. The washing machines are quite small and cost $1.25 per load. I could only fit a couple outfits in one. The dryers are also small and have to be run for about 2 cycles before your clothes are really dry. It's more economical and convenient to visit the nearby laundromat down Westport road. I'm not sure about larger apartments, but the one-bedroom units unfortunately don't come equipped with washer/dryer hookups. Those are really my only gripes about Chamberlain Oaks. Of course, sometimes I can hear my (new) downstairs neighbor during animated phone conversations, and occasionally a teenager will drive through the parking lot with music too loud, but overall the noise level is really not bad, and I tend to be very sensitive about that sort of thing. As I mentioned above there have been a couple problems with rude or irresponsible neighbors since I've lived here, but that's part of living in a city, and the management is very responsive to resident complaints. Overall I'd rate my experience here as about an 8 out of 10. If you're looking for luxurious amenities you won't find them here, but if you need a nice solid apartment for a good price in East Louisville, Chamberlain Oaks is a good choice.
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Chamberlain Oaks

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