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71-A Charter Oaks Drive, Louisville, KY 40241
71-A Charter Oaks Drive, Louisville, KY 40241

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Chamberlain Oaks



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hoping4ahouse • Resident 2007 - 2009 Recommended
Reviewed 11/01/2009
I've lived here for almost 2 years now and was very impressed with the total renovation of the building within the last month. The foyer has brand new tile in the center walkway and the carpet has been replaced with something you'd see in a fancy hotel. New decorative lighting in the hallways so that part is very nice. The grounds are kept up very well as several trees have been cut down that posed a problem and the grass is always cut on a regular basis. Maintenance is excellent things are fixed quickly and correctly. The one guy does love to talk and I've had a couple of encounters with the other one and he seemed okay. My biggest complaint is the noise. The glass in the windows are very thin as well as the walls. I can hear my neighbors talking, coughing, going to the bathroom or whatever so that part sucks. Behind the water heater in my apartment is a section of drywall that was never put back because the pipes run through the wall so I get cigarette smoke that comes in and you'd swear that I smoke which I don't but somedays I don't smell anything. This probably allows for more noise to come through because maintenance said there all like that. I would like to move but fear I would just be trading one problem for another so I guess I'll stay. Wal Mart right across the street is really nice but there are alot of carts over here. I work 3rd shift so I've put up with alot of noise but sometimes my neighbors are quiet and I've had 2 weeks or more of peaceful living so I try to tolerate when they want to cut loose every now and then.
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Chamberlain Oaks

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