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Greenleaves Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
When you first see these apartments, you will probably think what I thought. "Wow, great price for the area, nice sq footage, etc..." They will tell you anything and everything to get you to sign a lease. Don't fall for it. Things started going wrong for us day 1. First went to sign the lease and they tell me that day that I wasn't getting the first floor apartment I was promised; that was rented to someone else so I was to get a second floor unit. Rushed me through the walk through and after I signed the lease I go to inspect more thoroughly and find the bathrooms were disgusting and hadn't been cleaned at all. The stand alone shower looked like it hadn't been cleaned for years (see photos). The property manager couple that "live on property" have a house 2 hours away and spend every weekend there, so if you have an issue on the weekend, you're SOL til Monday. In the summer my unit got so hot, it was consistently 80+ degrees in there, even with a/c running 24/7. I called 3 times to have the a/c checked and was told "that's just part of apartment living/nothing wrong with a/c." So my $200+ LG&E bill for living in unbearable heat was just my problem. I even called the actual owners of the apartments and they just said "all we can do is call the property managers." Finally I say that my disabled child can no longer stand to live in this heat and something needs to be done now or else. Suddenly the 4th time they call an HVAC person and replace the unit. It helps by a few degrees but still extremely hot in there and I accept that I just have to take my child out of the home during the day to keep him comfortable. My downstairs neighbors (who happen to be property managers) smoked like chimneys in their units and it came up into mine so our apartment smells like cigarette smoke and it seeps into our furniture and clothes so everywhere we go, we smell like cigarette smoke. No rules about smoking in units. Roaches are a problem. If you want hot water, you'd better cross your fingers that the apartment next to you isn't showering. Otherwise it's an ice cold shower for you. Don't bother calling if your garbage disposal breaks-they tell you when you move in that if you break it, they won't fix it, they will just remove it. The laundry facility in the basement is abysmal. There are 6 washers but only 3 work and some of them are so disgusting looking with mold and hair all over you don't want to use them. 2/6 dryers actually dry your clothes and if you're using one, people will take out your clothes and throw them wherever to get a working one. Make sure you don't have any packages sent to you at your apartment, because they are constantly being stolen. I had 3 packages stolen before I finally started having them sent to family instead. The hallways are filthy, it's so embarrassing having anyone over (see photos). Parking situation is crappy at best. I'm lucky if I get a spot close to my apartment. Every weekend people are moving out bc it's a ------ place to live. I hope this review will stop you from moving here. It's 100% not worth it. You will end up regretting it.
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Greenleaves Apartments

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