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Greenleaves Apartments



Former Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
We are the former management team for the Greenleaves Apartments. We were present from June 2019 to November 2019. After five months of continuously fighting for our tenants and ignoring unfair demands from Thompson Reality and Smith Reality we were forced out. These are some of the complaints and truths about these apartments, and more than likely, other apartments under Thompson Reality and Smith Reality. A tenant, while sitting on the toilet, had urine from the toilet above her drip on her head and cover her floor. She was told by their maintenance it would be a week to fix. Multiple apartments would spontaneously have black water flow into all their sinks. A tenant had feces flow from the drain into her tub, she wasn't in it at the time. Complaints of possums scratching into the ceiling of an infants room went unanswered. A tenant window, broken and not repaired for weeks in the winter. In the summer multiple air conditioning out, and no one tending to them out of laziness. People evicted just because they don't like them. Cars towed without warning or for superficial reasons. Maintenance men pushing into apartments without warning, then arguing, screaming at, and disrespecting their tenants. Their main office staff are rude and confrontational, and the owners look down their noses at you because they have money and you don't. This may seem as if we are airing dirty laundry simply because we were let go, but we had planed on leaving and were beat to the punch. If we can spare one person from signing up for a year of misery, then we can feel better for selling our souls to the ----- for five months.
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Greenleaves Apartments

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