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Heritage HIll Apartments



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
Only giving this place 1 star because I have to. Let's see. First of all none of their apartments are $799. Minimum $1,000 a month. Don't let the newly (crappy/cheap) upgrades fool you. My carpet was not stapled in. My boyfriend got a nail in his foot because the tack strip near the carpet wasn't covered properly. The walls are so thin you can here everything. I can hear my upstairs neighbors full conversation, and it sounds like they are moving furniture at all hours of the day when they are really just walking. They put laminate floors on the second floors, which seems like a good idea, but any smart property management company would know it's not because it doesn't muffle any noise like carpet does. My dishwasher was in my unit, but not screwed in or hooked up. You have to put a work order in 3+ times before anyone will come fix it. When they come fix it, most likely it is done incorrectly, they leave all of the lights in your apartment on, or forget to even leave the letter saying they entered the apartment to fix it. I paid to purchase my own air filter and change it myself because when they did "inspections to change the air filters" they never changed it. Quite frankly it looked like it hadn't been changed in years. Everything in this place is cheaply done to cut corners. The properly management is rude and flat out doesn't care about their residents. They only want your money. Save yourself the time and hassle and go a mile or two down the road and live in another complex that is $200 cheaper a month. Now they are sending out letters saying peoples water bills have been inaccurate and excessively higher then normal because some of the buildings have leaks. But say nothing about refunding the money for the overpaid water bills from the last few months. Spider and massive centipede infestation. I have killed multiple small centipedes, and 3 centipedes that were at least 2 inches long. Literally the largest bugs I have ever seen in my entire life. Today I found a spider in my bed (I just washed my sheets yesterday) and that was the last straw for me.This place is a TOTAL JOKE. In the process of buying a house and am just going to pay the $2,000 penalty fee to get the heck out of this place.
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Heritage HIll Apartments

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