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Heritage HIll Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2007
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Office Staff
Okay, we live in a 2 bedroom 2 bath at the front of this complex. You have to have your lights on all the time cause even with the windows open there is NO LIGHT. When we first moved in, the tenents shower above us leaked down into our bathroom. It took maintenance about 2 months to fix the issue because the lady upstairs wouldnt let him into her apartment. One of us was bitten by a spider(Brown Recluse) and taken to the hospital. There is a leak in the ceiling in our living room...(thats right, THE LIVING ROOM) that has not been fixed. We had to have bell south come out and fix the telephone lines just to get a home telephone. When it rains, we cant go on our back patio because we would drown. Water comes in the front door when it rains, we have to put towels down. I am known as "the white -----" to the lady above us because i knocked on her door and politely asked her to quit beating on the floor @ 10PM on a sunday night when my son had to be up @ 5 the next morning. We had to call the police that evening because the lady made threats to my fiance'. After you use the dishwasher, you have to clean the dishes again when you pull them out, the garbage disposal doesn't work. There is a huge evergreen tree in front of our kitchen window so you cant see out. This place is NOT worth the money. The property manager said that one of our cars was ugly(BS) and needed to be towed(At least 15 cars in the complex that are worse and still here)so i was basically FORCED to sell it. This place sucks.
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Heritage HIll Apartments

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