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Oxmoor Apartment Homes

7400 Steeplecrest Circle

Louisville, KY 40222



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/04/2007
Well, I've lived at Camden Oxmoor for about 8 months and it's been a pretty positive experience. The management has been very friendly until recently. The apartment looked brand new when we moved in, but time has made the imperfections more visible. Our apartment, now that I'm married, is entirely too small for two people (with only 799 sq. ft.) Not only is it small, it's pricey! I pay $712/mo. for this tiny place! <br>The pool is nice, but the workout room sucks. There's only 2 treadmills and one is broken, leaving me to wait 20 minutes for a guy to get off who was walking 2 miles/hour on his CELL PHONE! How annoying... The bathroom is my favorite part. It's huge with the biggest tub you'll find in an apartment. It's pretty much the only part I'll miss. I won't miss everything on the left side of my apartment (coat closet, linen closest, laundry room, and master bedroom closet) smelling like an ash tray. Make sure to find out if your neighbor is a smoker, or it will be like having a smoker for a roommate.<br>I agree with an earlier review that it seems like people come out of the woodwork in the summer at the pool. I've noticed this a lot, too, with the basketball court. I've seen people come up the side entrance from the parking lot to use the facility. But with a side door that has a broken handle, there's really no way to control it. Also, don't listen to the "gated community" crap. I think that the gates have been closed a total of 4 days the entire time I've lived here.<br>I know that this probably won't happen often, but last September the property flash flooded. My new car was totalled, but luckily my 3 floor apartment was alright. We did have to sit listening to the ear-piercing fire alarms going off after they had been struck by lightening. My computer and my DVD player were fried, which was odd since they were both plugged into surge protectors. My neighbors that were displaced ended up in a hotel, compliments of Camden, for a few days but were then on their own until the complex could get them into a new apartment. Pretty much everyone on the first floor of our building left and never looked back. It was handled VERY poorly from what I understand. The worst part is that as I'm watching my car fill with water a maintenance man walks up, smirks, and says, "Well, this was just waiting to happen." THANKS FOR TELLING ME!<br>And forget getting out of Oxmoor Ln. at Christmas. You will learn to hate the light at the mall more than you thought you could hate anything in your life.<br>But, overall, I'd have to say it's a pretty decent place to live if you have the money.
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Oxmoor Apartment Homes

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