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Park Place Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
If you are okay with centipedes, rolly pollies, and silverfish infesting your home, move to Park Place. Yes, pest control comes and sprays if you order it. But that doesn't keep the bugs from getting in. Instead, when you wake up in the morning there are over 30 dead rolly pollies just lying around in each room, and at least 5 dead centipedes lying around. If you don't know what centipedes are, I suggest Googling them! The bug with 40 legs and are very large. (they're also poisonous if swallowed or bitten) And pest control said there isn't a spray that can kill silverfish. (GREAT!) I have a baby who is almost one year old and tries to pick them up - disgusting! I am vacuuming constantly and always checking to see if there are bugs crawling around so she doesn't pick them up. Also, a centipede was on the ceiling over our bed and when we got up to kill it, it fell on our bed. The thought of a bug falling on our bed while we are sleeping is just horrifying.
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Park Place Apartments

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